Amanda & Keenan Minang and Sundanese Wedding (Pernikahan Adat Sunda dan Minang)

The love story starts when these two love birds coincidentally meet when they were celebrating new year's eve in 2016. Keenan that was currently working in London after graduating from Birmingham University meets his old friend that introduce him to Amanda, who is currently studying master degree in Newcastle university. Another coincident, Amanda and Keenan were in the same university in Malaysia but they didn't know each other back then.

After a short introduction, they start being close friends and after a month, Keenan tells Amanda about his true feelings for her, and surprisingly Amanda has the same feeling as he does. They continue to start a serious relationship till after 9 months when Keenan decided to propose to Amanda with simple yet touching words, "We all know what we want, and I want to directly meet your parents when we go to Jakarta, so will you be my wife?" the answer is absolutely a "yes"!

The wedding procession begins with Qur'an recitation at Amanda's residence and followed by Sundanese Siraman procession. With the touch of @rozanajulani's makeup, Amanda looks stunning in her orange attire. Each of the Sundanese procession that was lead by @gse_ekayana was held in a solemn moment. In each of every procession contains deep and sacred meaning.

The Akad and Reception was held in the Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel Jakarta. For Akad, they choose Minang traditional attire, that's why Amanda use a golden symbolic crown known as "suntiang". She was inspired by her mother who is also use suntiang on her wedding day.

For the reception night, Amanda and Keenan is wearing rose gold colored Sundanese traditional attire designed by Marga Alam. In this traditional attire, Amanda is requires to wear a Sundanese crown named "Siger". The reception night starts with Rampag Gendang traditional dance and a signature salutation called "Salam Takzim" by Abang None Jakarta Barat. It was a very festive and lively wedding! Everyone enjoys the performance and they can't take their eyes off of the newly-wedded  couple.

At last, Congratulations for Amanda and Keenan!
Thank you for sharing your story with us!
May both of you have a successful, happy and prosperous life in London!  

-Le' Motion 
A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters.

The Vendors

Qur'an Recitation & Siraman
Makeup by: @rozanajulani
Attire by: @kebayakoe
Decoration: @rilisdecor
Catering: @gandrungcatering

Akad & Reception
Makeup Artist by: Jasmine Lishaya
Bride's Attire by: Marga Alam
Henna by: Kirei Henna Arts

Nails by: Luxury Nail Art
Venue: Hotel Grand Sahid Jaya, Jakarta
Decoration by: Mawar Prada
Traditional Minang Procession by: Sanggar Minang Djusmasri
Traditional Sundanese Procession by: Griya Seni Ekayana
Weding Organizer by: Chandira Wedding Organizer
Entertainment by: 3 Entertainment
Invitation by: Kartu Reva
Souvenir by: Momo Gifts
Drinks by: Starbucks
Photo & Video by: Le' Motion Photo

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