Tasyakur Aqiqah of Muhammad Khalif Alfatih

Family, a word that is surely known by everyone. If we talk about family, it usually correlated with the terms of happiness. who doesn't happy when they have a family? a bond that is more precious than anything else in the world, a bond that taught to love and to protect.

Happiness within a family would be more than perfect with the presence of a child. Putri and Rafdi are one of the happiest couples who are recently blessed with their first born son named Muhammad Khalif Alfatih (Alfa).

As time has quickly passed, we still could feel the warmth euphoria from Putri and Rafdi wedding that is held three years ago. Our good relationship with them makes us always keen to be part of their precious moments in life. 

This time, Putri and Rafdi are happy to share their joyous moments by holding Tasyakur Aqiqah in the manner of the birth of their first son. this event symbolized the gratefulness of Putri and Rafdi as a parent towards the precious gift that God have given is born safely. the series of events of this Aqiqah Tasyakur is symbolized in the form of shaving the baby's hair and eat along with the closest relatives as a symbol of sharing after the event took place. 

We captured their happy moments with a full expectation that Alfa would be a good child in the future, a child who can put on a smile for his parents. We hope that we can continue to be part of the important moments of this happy family as a new parent towards the precious gift that god have given is born safely.

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