The Woman's Bravery

Speaking about women, there are heaps of interesting things about them. As women are differently unique, they are such a source of inspiration. Their pure bravery is always astounding. Some of them will always have it tough in life. Thus, women need the courage to stand by their decisions, including the courage to build a marriage, and the self confidence for how they choose to live.

The bravery of a women is our theme this time. We will showcase one of our best bravery story of a woman that needs to be recognized, respected, and surely appreciated. So, we invited Reska Amelia as we admire on how she could be on her own and have her own career at such a young age. She is one example for all women out there. It all began from the Abang None Jakarta election as she came out as a winner, she now plunged into journalism world and became a presenter in local private television. But it's always darkest before dawn. And how she made it through all the hard times, is one thing where we will span our attention on. Hence, we would like to share her pieces of experiences in facing new challenges, through some artistic photographs.

In a vintage-theme photoshoot with Reska, we succeed in capturing her independent spirit clearly through her great poses. She also shared her thoughts; "the road to success in life will sometimes pushes us to step a little out of our comfort zones."

In addition, it also take a lot of courage to have a marriage for every woman, including Reska. We can't cope with how she showed her perfectly stunning wedding dream through our lens.

Dress : Ferry Sunarto @ferrysunarto

Make up : Rossy Pramita @ochiipramita

Hair do : Ratna Bela @ratnabela

Photographer : Andri Azmo @andriazmo

Videographer : Gafirat Theo @gafiart

Stylist : Zhabila @zhab__

Hand Bouquet : @p.s.bloomshop

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