Titis & Robby Wedding (Pernikahan adat Jawa - Surabaya)

It was such an honor for us when our dearest friend, Titis & Robby asked us to be their wedding photographer, to be a part of their sacred day. 

Independent, straightforward, assertive, yet it’s hard to find a person whose personality is as warm as Titis. She stays close to her family even when she lives far away from her loved ones. One day, we finally got chance to visit Titis’s house at Surabaya. And when we look at her family, no wonder she grew up that way as we met such an awesome group of people. By that, we mean a big, warm, caring and giving spirited family. Yet her parents raised and taught her the importance of having a responsibility in life.

The wedding procession went down really well in a traditional Javanese ceremony. Both Titis and Robby smiled so widely that day while they welcomed all the family, relatives, and friends who come to attend their big day.

Congratulations once again to a new start, Titis & Robby! May your blissful marriage last long till death do you part.

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