A Gorgeous Prewedding Shoot of Stella & Gunawan (Bali Prewedding)

Who Doesn't Love A Romantic Prewedding Photoshoot?

Especially when you experience the way Stella and Gunawan did in their Prewedding shoot! With so much love and excitement, Stella and Gunawan's prewed photoshoot was a blast to begin with.

They choose amazing romantic theme that bring their love story into life.
Gazing through the sunny sky as they ride the camels, enjoying beautiful romantic moments at the harbour, playing with their fun colourful smoke bombs, and lastly, be in the spectacular place with breathtaking scenery plus the amazing dresses and suits worn by Stella and Gunawan is the most perfect prewed photo theme that everyone could've dream of!

This astonishing photoshoot is taken in the Island of Gods, Bali.
Stella and Gunawan's photoshoot is a complete package!
You get fun, romantic, sweet, and memorable pictures all in one!
It's a Prewedding Photoshoot of the year! 💓😍

Keep scrolling for all the beautiful details of this Prewedding photoshoot
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-Le' Motion
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