What A Wonderful Wedding of Andin & Aca! (Pernikahan Adat Jawa)

We are so happy to be a part of Andin & Aca's wedding celebration. We are gong to tell a brief story that they managed to share with us about their love journey from the beginning when they met each other until the day they decided to tie the knot together.

Andin & Aca first met in 2013, they were just friends and not too close. In 2014, they were re-united once more through Andin's best friend. In about one month, getting to know each other, Andin and Aca decided to make their relationship even more serious than just a friend.

Their love story begins with up's and down's journey. There are many times and moments of happiness but there are also times of sadness. Moments when they make their own business, then they sold their business, and any other activities that they managed to get through together.

Andin and Aca had experience the same thing, both of them had lost their dads. Aca's father passed away when he was just a child and meanwhile, Andin lost her father in 2013. Life lessons were given by Aca to Andin in dealing with the same situation.

Aca himself, is a hard-worker, an extrovert and sometimes a bit emotional. On the other hand, Andin is a more patient person. Aca is always trying to fulfill Andin's needs and also same for Andin to Aca. So, it's a balanced relationship between them. This is what makes them both confident by taking their relationship into another level, which is in to the marriage level.

They decided to choose Javanese traditional attire, makeup, and ceremony. All goes well, as it is the most awaited wedding that they dreamed of. Happy moments full of joy and laughter are the part, they will never forget.

So, Congratulations to the newlywed couples, Andin and Aca! May your life will full of happiness and an endless happy ending love story!

With Love!

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Bride & Groom attire for resepsi: @dinavahada
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Venue: @hotelbidakarajkt
Entertainment: @laidthisnite
MC: @imam_wibowo
Photo & Video: @lemotionphoto 

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