The Elegant Wedding of Bulan & Ghufron

Bulan & Ghufron first met in RSCM as they were both being assigned as an instructor under the Ministry of Health. Went to the same college in Jogja, they were never even once knew each other, even though they were in a same circle of friends.

On their first time meeting each other, they were talking about how Bulan actually knew Ghufron's aunt, and another coincidence, his aunt is a friend of Bulan's mother, they knew each other well so both Bulan and Ghufron decided to take a picture together.

Ever since, they were still keep in touch even when Ghufron was currently staying in Jogja and Bulan stays in Jakarta. Not long after the first introduction, Bulan and her friends are planning to go to Jogja and there is where Bulan meets Ghufron again and this time they have more time to hang out together. After 2 weeks in knowing each other, and 2 weeks in a relationship, Ghufron went to Bulan's place to ask her hand in marriage!!

You'll never know when love will find you.
Because love will find you when you least expect it.

Their beautiful wedding was held in Balai Sudirman with the Traditional Javanese culture.
The guests had a surprise coming when Ghufron who is also a singer, suprisingly sing on his wedding day! He sing the song for Bulan and the lyrics were,
"Ternyata aku makin cinta, cinta sama kamu, hanya kamu seorang kasih ku, tak mau yang lain, hanya sama kamu, kamu yang terakhir yang ku cinta" 

"It turns out that I am more in love, in love with you, just you my love, don't want any other, just want to be with you, you are my last love"

Such a lovely moment to remember!

We've been there from their engagement, prewedding, till the big wedding day comes.
So we are truly happy for Bulan & Ghufron because they were also one of the nicest client.
We thank them for trusting us as their wedding photographer.
And we like to congratulate  them once more!
May happiness find you in every corner of the globe as you begin your new life together!

-Le' Motion 
A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters

Bride: @bulansambowo
Groom: @alghufron

The Vendors

Make Up, Paes and Sanggul: @sanggar_liza
Kebaya: @agnesaluira @aluira_kebaya
Decoration: @edy_richartdekorasi @richart_decoration
Catering: @dps_catering
Entertainment: @redvelvetentertainment
Venue: @balaisudirman
Wedding Organizer: @anggitawedding
Photo & Video: @lemotionphoto

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