The Traditional Javanese Wedding of Astrid & Vito

This beautiful couple firstly knew each other 
because they were introduced by their bestfriend 1,5 years ago.
 Ever since that time, they were interested into each other. 
They started to make their relationship more serious.
 Day by day passed, they were pursuing their career, 
Astrid as a dentist and Vito as an employee in The Ministry of Stated Owned Enterprises 
and was staying outside of town.

The long distance relationship makes them more close.
 Fortunately, everything went smooth and was even sure in every second and every day. 
Both families are also supporting them so it doesn't take a long time 
for them to decide to eventually get married.

On 15th may was the special moment for both of them
because Vito romantically proposed Astrid by bringing his parents from Medan to Jakarta. 
Astrid's family was welcoming with a warm and cheerful smile. 
The planning of the wedding soon to begin. 
Because the couple had the Javanese line, 
so they both choose the traditional Javanese as their wedding theme.

 Not long, the big Wedding day has come, 16th of Desember 2017.
Before the wedding day, there were also Qur'an recitation, the traditional procession of Siraman and Midodareni night. The Akad was held in the morning at Gran Mahakam hotel, 
Astrid wore a beautiful white dress complete with her long white veil along with its beautiful sequins.
The Javanese procession was held perfectly well after the Akad ceremony.

On the Reception that was held the same day but at night in the PTIK building, Astrid and Vito wore the Javanese Dodotan. It's a classic bridal attire. The Dodotan is a batik cloth wrap completed with Javanese accesories. In the old times, this attire was meant for the royal wedding.
Their attire was so an elegant classic with its velvet kebaya mix with gold embroidery and sequence of colorful flowers.

The wedding was absolutely a festive one!
In the wedding party, the family went dancing together in a very lively way!
Everybody was excited and amused, we all do.

Congratulations to Astrid & Vito!
Now that both of you are tied with each other,
May your love are bloom more and brighter, respect, care and devotion,
 keep the love and attraction!

-Le’ Motion

A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters

The Vendors
Makeup pengajian,siraman,midodareni: @ayuwmakeup
Makeup akad: @lawralovefaith
Makeup resepsi: @pettykaligis
Paes: @naninazeh
Kebaya akad: addaru
Attire: @rumahkebaya_id
Invitation: @meltiq_invitation
Catering: @puspacatering
Band: @revis_entertainment
Décor: @d_artdecoration
Venue: @granmahakamhotel
Henna: @dieza_henna
Seserahan: @amberseserahan
Shoes: @linaleeshoes

Nail art: @mejikunail


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