Sweet White Themed Wedding of Intan & Reza

It was a splendid time during Intan & Reza’s wedding.
They were surely one of our nicest clients! 

The wedding was uniquely different like no other that we’ve worked with before because on their wedding day, chairs and tables were all set up for the guests to dine.
 The decorations looked so sweet, combining white and pink pastel tones that always go well together,
and every sequence was so perfectly organised by them.

The families, friends, and brides wore all pink in just different shades which made everything looked so adorable! Intan herself wore gorgeous white long beaded gown with her white hijab patched with beautiful sequins and Reza wore a grey suit to complete the afternoon wedding party.

The wedding was held at Thamrin UOB grand ballroom. We were surprised by how lovely the entrance to the ballroom was!
The combination of white and pastel pink floral arrangements
were beautifully displayed in each and every corners we could see around.

In the middle of the celebration, Reza gave a surprise video for Intan.
There were several videos but the one that touched our hearts the most was the video of many children congratulates Intan & Reza's marriage. 

It was a very beautiful day for both of them,
 as they seemed so incredibly happy, and so were the guests.
The atmosphere felt so jolly, and we were too.

A wonderful congratulation to our beloved newlyweds, Intan & Reza!
May the joy and pleasure you feel right now
as you two are sacredly wedded with each other lasts forever.

-Le' Motion
A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters

The Vendors

Make up: @petty_kaligis
Hijab Do: @ayyih
Dress: @askyfebrianti
Decoration: @de_sketsa_decoration
Wedding Organizer: @veramo_weddings
Catering: @akasyacateringandco
Usher: @indousher


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