Lovely Maternity Shoot of Putri & Luki

Putri and Luki are both our best friends!

When they got married, we unfortunately were unable to attend their wedding.

But after a few months, our happiness was beyond words to hear that they are expecting a baby. So we finally got our chance to capture the most happiest and memorable moments of their lives.

We knew Putri long before she got married and pregnant.

Growing up in a warm and kinship family, we believe that Putri will be a great mother for her baby. Moreover, with Luki by her side, he's surely gonna give the best for his wife and his baby. We believe that they will make a great parents for the little one.

When we asked them what they expect from the baby, they didn't explain much but the hopes are that the baby will be healthy, able to spread love and positivity to others, and have a decent and strong personality.

For the photo session itself, it went very casual.
The shoot was held at home so there was no rush at all.
They even took a good time to relax, have lunch and pray.

Once again, Congratulations for the new parents, Putri & Luki!
 We're always wishing for your family's happiness.

With love,

-Le' Motion Photo
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