The Joyful Engagement of Lavenia & Andhika

Getting engaged, though is not obligatory to do, marks the starting point before you can move on to the new path of life commitment, a.k.a being married to your other half. You as a couple suddenly have so much to prepare and look forward until the big day comes. To us, it’s always been a beautiful thing to see when a man has finally made his mind to marry because he has his heart set on you!

After he popped the question of “Will you marry me?” casually to you, he will then bring his parents to meet yours to officially ask for your family’s consent, most importantly from your father, to marry you.

Engagements, in general, have constantly touched us, Le’ Motion, in a heart-warming way – this includes Lavenia dan Andhika’s Engagement which was held a while ago.

The fun begins right after Andhika and all his families assembled in Lavenia’s place. There were several women whose head were covered and Andhika had to guess which one was Lavenia. Andhika seemed to know Lavenia that well as he needed neither a careful thinking nor a long time to guess and get the correct answer. How sweet and entertaining!

The game was followed by Andhika’s approach to Lavenia’s father to express his intention to share the rest of his life with Lavenia. At that moment, we could sense that Lavenia’s parents had just come to the realization that their little girl isn’t so little anymore and she’s getting married and will live on her own. The ambience got so emotional, everyone can tell how deep and genuine love of Lavenia’s parents to their daughter when they finally gave the consent for her to marry the man of her choice!

Congratulations, Lavenia & Andhika!

May this be the new beginning of forever together 
& we wish for happiness to walk along your way until the wedding <3

With love,

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