The Overflowing Romance of Ray and Tiffany's Sumba Prewedding

We present you the enchanting beauty of eastern land of Indonesia, Sumba, 
with its romantic feels from Ray & Tiffany's pre-wed photoshoot!
We could sensed the excitement as they mingled with the nature.
They said, "To walk in the nature is to witness a thousand miracles."

From the first time we touched down in Sumba, 
we knew all along that it was the right place to be for Ray & Tiff prewed photoshoot.
From morning till night, we found countless spots to take pictures.

But, there is definitely no better time to get that perfect and enchanting shot than at dawn in Sumba.
Everyone was overwhelmed with the overflowing romance from Ray & Tiffany's session at dawn.
The beautiful scenery of Sumba will indeed take your breath away!

When we were in the hunt for the perfect spots for Ray & Tiff photoshoot, 
we got to meet many local people and children, and also a group of wild horses running free.
It was a good time back then in Sumba.

Lastly, we would like to say thank you to Ray & Tiff for trusting Le' Motion to take part on their prewedding shoot.
All the joy we had during the journey will forever be unforgettable.

We hope Ray & Tiff's wedding will work out perfectly as they planned and may their marriage will be filled with all the love and happiness they deserve.

With love,

-Le' Motion
A Wonderful Way of Showing What Really Matters

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